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AIRBUS UK in Broughton uses V-STARS for wing root end measurement.

Vitry Aux Loges, January 26, 2006:

NTI, the GSI' agent in Europe, announces the delivery of their state-of-the-art V-STARS photogrammetry solution to AIRBUS UK in Broughton ( United Kingdom ).

Airbus UK in Broughton is responsible for sub-assembly and the manufacture of large components, as well as wing final assembly and wing equipping, for the whole of the Airbus fleet.

Under this contract, NTI has delivered the highly portable V-STARS single camera system including the INCA3 self calibrating digital camera, the V-STARS processing software as well as an automating software called VSTARSCom. Airbus UK uses V-STARS to quickly measure the wing dimensions at the root end before the wing to fuselage join in Toulouse and Hamburg .  

The main reasons of the choice for V-STARS are:
-  Due to operation times, it is critical that set-up and measurement times are at a minimum (Build rates are approximately 30 wing sets a month and each wing root end has to be checked),
-   Working environment. This is a real production environment (temperature changes, lighting changes, etc.) while accuracy specifications have to be guaranteed,
-   Non-specialist personnel are used to operate the equipment,

The software package was designed to conduct a faster and more efficient way of processing data into results.

Measurement of the wing root end takes only five minutes while the software now processes data in 3 minutes.

V-STARS systems are now wideley used at Airbus sites like Toulouse, Hamburg, Saint Nazaire, Nantes, Nordenham, Bremen, etc.

The INCA3 camera

The INCA3 camera, specifically designed and built by GSI to perform high accuracy 3D measurements, combines a proven ultra-high-resolution CCD sensor with an on-board PC based industrial computer to perform measurements in harsh conditions and unstable environments. In order to obtain such performances, GSI imposes not only an unsurpassed opto-mechanical stability inside the camera but also features such as an integrated strobe, or  wireless (WIFI) connectivity after a typical ten-to-one image compression.

The confined aspect of the measurement environment of the corners fitting at Airbus is interesting for the 
V-STARS system. However, the INCA3 camera is particularly well-suited for in-place measurements of large objects since there is no size restriction of the part to be measured. That makes it possible for V-STARS systems to be used in fields such as Aeronautics, Space, automotive, shipbuilding, power generation, heavy industry, etc

Once INCA3 captures photos (either via hand-held operation or remote control), GSI's proprietary V-STARS software automatically inspects the collected digital images and extracts the required 3D data. This process is fully automated. The measured points can then be compared to their nominals (either point by point or compared to the relating CAD file) or compared to previous measurements (repeatability or capability studies).


The INCA3 measurement camera

What is Metrology? What is Photogrammetry?
The science of measurement is known as the field of metrology. Engineers, manufacturers, scientists, and quality control technicians utilize measurement technology in their own unique disciplines. Photogrammetry is a three-dimensional coordinate measuring technique that uses photographs as the fundamental medium for metrology. GSI offers the most comprehensive product line based on industrial photogrammetry in the marketplace.

About NTI 
NTI manages all aspects of GSI's V-STARS activities in Europe. We have more than 17 years of experience in metrology, manufacturing, and VAR and OEM sales and marketing. Strong customer support is our primary concern and we have a highly experienced and capable group of partners throughout Europe who can help with any of your measurement needs.

About Geodetic Systems, Inc.
Geodetic Systems, Inc. (GSI, www.geodetic.com) is an international supplier of industrial photogrammetry solutions for the industrial measurement/metrology marketplace. GSI develops and markets the V-STARS family of 3D coordinate measurement systems for users involved in measurement and inspection applications in diverse industries such as aerospace, nuclear power, automotive and shipbuilding. INCA3, the company's flagship product, is a state-of-the-art digital photogrammetry camera with many progressive features. GSI distributes its products via a worldwide network of industry partners. The V-STARS systems and the INCA3 camera's distribution in Europe is coordinated by NTI.

For further information contact:
Mr. Nicolas Tanala / V-STARS European Business Manager
32 route de Seichebriéres
/ 45530 Vitry Aux Loges,  France
Tel. +33 (0) 2 38 59 30 51 / Fax: + 33 (0) 2 38 59 30 97
Cellular: +33 (0) 6 83 70 89 79
E-mail: nicolas.tanala@v-stars3d.com,      website:  www.nti-measure.com 

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