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Australis is an affordable and easy-to-use fully automatic close-range photogrammetric software providing fast and accurate 3D measurements from images recorded with both consumer grade and professional cameras.

Australis is ideally suited to automated measurement tasks in industrial manufacturing, civil engineering, forensics, heritage and architectural recording, and general 3D model generation.

Features of the Australis system:

•  Fully automatic measurement via coded targets.

•  3D coordinate measurement accuracy to 1:80,000 with an off- the-shelf digital SLR camera.

•  Very intuitive and easy to operate.

•  Automatic recognition of the camera.

•  Fully automatic camera calibration, as well as on-the-job self-calibration.

•  All photogrammetric orientation processes are
initiated automatically.

•  Robust and reliable error detection through on-line data processing.

•  Flexible generation of free-form curves and photo-textured 3D models.

•  Accommodates manual digitization of untargetted
feature points, where required.

With its ease of use, Australis is also an ideal tool for
teaching photogrammetric measurement concepts.