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V-STARS is the most accurate and the
most capable 3D measurement system,
using digital photogrammetry. V-STARS is
delivered with the measurement camera
and V-STARS powerful software.



Optic Technium / Ffordd William Morgan
St Asaph Business Park
St Asaph, LL17 0JD, UK
Tel: 01745 535 212 / email:




AUSTRALIS and iWITNESS are two affordable and easy-to-use close-range photogrammetric softwares providing fast and accurate 3D measurements from images recorded with both consumer grade and professional cameras.

AUSTRALIS and iWITNESS are used for:
Civil Engineering, Accident Reconstruction, Architectural Recording and preservation, Forensics, etc.

With their ease of use, Australis and iWitness are also ideal tools for teaching photogrammetric measurement concepts.



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