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V-STARS videos

V-STARS is a metrology technology that allows you to determine 3D coordinates (XYZ) from digital images. Typically, pictures are taken from two or more locations (Photogrammetry) using a very precise digital camera such as GSI's new INCA3a . The photographs are then automatically processed using the powerful V-STARS software to produce the 3D coordinates of the measured object. The 3D coordinates can be visualized and analyzed using V-STARS software or a third party software. The points to be measured can be either physically targeted (stick on targets, tooling targets) or projected dots (via our PRO-SPOT projector) or probed (hand held probes).

V-STARS main industrial sectors


V-STARS is the most accurate and the most capable 3D measurement system using digital photogrammetry
(5 microns + 5 microns / meter accuracy with a single camera mode i.e 0.020 mm on a 3 meter object ).

  • Set up time is minimal, no warm up time and fast data acquisition is guaranteed.

  • V-STARS works in unstable environments. This includes vibrating or unstable floors, man lifts, cranes and
    ladders. Additionally the object itself can be vibrating or moving during the measurement without affecting the results.
    As the photography is completed in less than 10-15 minutes the effect of temperature differential between the start
    and end of measurement is greatly minimized.

  • There are no size restrictions of the object to be measured.

  • V-STARS is suitable for repeat measurements (periodic inspection, repeatability studies, capability studies, etc.).

  • V-STARS is excellent for large numbers of points to be measured. It measures thousands of points in the same
    amount of time it would take to measure ten.
  • V-STARS systems are incredibly rugged and portable so they can easily be carried on-board an aircraft and go
    with you whenever and wherever you go.

  • The measurement process is totally non-contact. This makes it ideal to measure delicate items that
    deform when touched.

  • Results are typically available within minutes of completing the object photography with single camera
    (V-STARS/S8). In the two camera on-line system (V-STARS/M8) results are available instantly.

  • The system is routinely used in a wide range of applications. It is suited to part inspection, deformation
    measurement or even part adjustment.

  • The entire system is battery operated and hence is highly portable. The system can be taken to even the
    remotest places. One "size-wise" carry on case and a laptop computer is all the equipment needed to
    complete a measurement. This makes it ideal to complete measurements at the supplier or customer site.

  • The system is small enough to operate in even the most challenging line of sight environments.

  • There is no size restriction of the measured object. V-STARS can measure from a little part to a battle ship.

  • With I-CAN , GSI's state-of-the art INCA cameras can now operate in thermal vacuum environments
    while maintaining the high accuracy of the INCA digital camera and V-STARS system.

  • ...