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V-STARS videos

The V-STARS/M8 system allow you to measure features directly using small, wireless hand held
probes. In this mode the probes can be used where targets are not appropriate. Probes can also
be used to measure components with limited access and areas of high detail. The probes have
different configurations and tips so they can measure a wide variety of features.

Hand held probes

You can also use tripods to hold either PRO-SPOT or the INCA3a+ cameras in the V-STARS/M8
A wide variety of targets are proposed for V-STARS systems to be always the most
suitable and the most versatile system ever.
Stick on targets (individual or on rolls) are generally used to measure points on surfaces.

V-STARS can also use Tooling targets to accurately measure reference points on jigs.
Here are the main tooling targets used. Many others can be used depending upon your imagination.

With I-CAN , GSI's state-of-the art INCAa+ cameras can operate in thermal vacuum
while maintaining the high accuracy of the INCAa digital camera and V-STARS system.