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V-STARS videos


PRO-SPOT II: "stroboscopic target (light) projetor".


PRO-SPOT works by projecting thousands of high contrast
targets onto an object. A V-STARS single or multiple camera
system measures the projected targets.

PRO-SPOT makes fast, accurate, dense, non-contact measurements
on large surfaces such as molds, master models, panels, antennas and other components.

Large objects can be measured in a single setup due to PRO-SPOT's
powerful stroboscopic projector. Multiple setups can be used to density
measurements or measure larger objects.




When used with the multiple camera system
(V-STARS/M8), one can instantaneously acquire
and then measure thousands of points in seconds.
The system is extremely suited to high-speed
production measurement of small to large parts in
a factory environment.
It is highly insensitive to environmental
conditions. For example, it can measure in
vibrating or unstable environments. Even the
object itself can be moving. Temperature, dust and
lighting found in most factory environments are not
a problem.

When used with the single camera system
(V-STARS/S8), one can quickly acquire and
then measure thousands of points. The system is
less expensive than the PRO-SPOT used with the
V-STARS/M8 system and acquires the data
sequentially. Also the projector and object must
be stable throughout the time required for the
single-camera to take pictures of the object
from multiple locations.