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V-STARS videos

At the heart of the VSTARS system is the INCA3a+, a state-of-the-art digital photogrammetric
camera with unsurpassed capabilities and accuracy.
INCA3a+ is GSI's smallest and lightest camera
ever, yet it is packed with cutting edge features including:

  • Wireless interface so you can get pictures immediately without using big cables.

  • A fully automatic operation so photography is fast, easy and reliable.

  • Proprietary image compression so pictures are smaller and faster.

  • Two laser pointers allowing the user to take pictures without using the viewer.

  • Exceptional opto-mechanical stability for an unbeatable metrological quality.













"INCA3 provides unsurpassed power, versatility and accuracy".

  • Weight: < 2 Kg (4.4 lbs) including lens, battery, and flash.

  • Interfaces: Wired and wireless Ethernet, Off-line disk.

  • Flash: Integrated and fully automatic.

  • Battery: External, removable, and readily available.

  • Sensor Resolution: 8 million pixels (3:2 aspect ratio).

  • Field of View: 77 degrees x 56 degrees.

  • Image compression: Propriatery, > 10:1 typical.

  • Pointing: Viewfinder and two laser pointers.

  • Image Acquisition: Burst mode with up to eight pictures in four secondes.