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Click below to view the DREAM system.

DREAM stands for "Drill & Route Enhanced Accuracy Measurement system".
It requires a V-STARS/M8 system using two or more INCA3 cameras.

In this demonstration the DREAM system is tracking the position and orientation of a mock drill head.

Points on the drill head are measured simultaneously. The DREAM system uses this information to
calculate the pose of the drill head.

Each time images are acquired, the location of the drilling head is recorded and updated.
The points you will see on the screen represent the position of the mock drill tip.

As the head has multiple targets on all sides it can be measured in any position.

Target points and geometry of the head are stored in a template file.

The DREAM system can communicate errors to the machine for closed loop control.

DREAM system summary:

Enhaced accuracy by replacing unreliable three-point alignment with a "complete alignment" that
uses the entire reference system.

  • Able to track and control drill head
  • Capable of preventing costly drilling errors
  • Fully integrated with production environment.