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Click here to view a video showing V-STARS building even in unstable environments.

This short movie shows an aircraft Wing to Body alignment performed by GSI's
V-STARS/M8 photogrammetry system (using two INCA3 cameras). The aircraft is a reduced
model of the Transall.

The wing is approximately placed into the correct position. The cameras are triggered and
the position is computed. The computed measurements are compared directly to the aircraft CAD model.

Fine adjustment takes place until the wing position is within the required tolerance.
The results are displayed on screen for the operator to examine.
As the operator makes adjustments the new position is displayed.
Deviation vectors allow quick assessment of the magnitude and direction of the adjustment.
The aircraft can be moving even during the measurement.
The movement is compensated for by secondary alignment. This means other production work can
be done even during the measurement process.
The INCA3 cameras are seen on tripods but they do not require stability.

The main benefits are:

  • High accuracy (up to 1:100 000)
  • Fast: typical measurement time is less than three seconds.
  • Unstable environments: the INCA3 cameras do not require stability during the measurement process.


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